Is it Safe to Get a Prescription for the Contraceptive Pill Online?

Is it Safe to Get a Prescription for the Contraceptive Pill Online?

Since everything is available online- even the pharmacy, it is easy for you to get a pill online, however you need a prescription to those as they are not OTC medicines. Buying medicines online and when it comes to getting a prescription fret not! Online stores now offer both online prescriptions along with the delivery of an oral contraceptive pill without having to consult a doctor in-person. All you are required to do is log-on to their website, they will ask you a few questions regarding your health, and will be evaluated on that basis, later you can get a prescription online. 

When you personally visit the clinic or your gynecologist, it is advised to discuss your current health condition and medical history. On that basis, you will be assessed and will be prescribed to a birth control pill. When getting a prescription to oral contraceptive pills, the doctor will require an open conversation with the patient to understand their health and lifestyle in order to prescribe the right contraceptive. It is advised to consult a doctor before consuming any pill as you might put your health on risk. One can find and buy Ovral G tablet online at the best price.

Now the question that occurs in mind ‘why should one consult a doctor in-person?’, well if you discuss with your general practitioner about a contraceptive, you will be exposed to a wide range of sexual health issues, their remedies, and the different types of contraceptive- and in a non-judgemental space. This overall helps you choose the right contraceptive for your health. Now that we are discussing getting a prescription online and if that is safe, well it is. It is important for you to keep up with your health reports and STI screening up-to-date if a woman prefers to repeat her prescription to get contraceptive pills. It becomes highly ideal for those who wish to get a prescription to contraceptive pill online in a remote area without easy access. 

However, some might feel skeptical about the entire concept of getting a prescription online as there is a risk of getting a fake prescription or getting scammed. It is important to monitor blood pressure, cervical screening, and carry out a brief on a sexually transmitted infection as they help assess. The consumption of contraceptive pills might require some changes during the course due to compliance, side-effects, price, and effectiveness. Nowadays when it is quite difficult and may we call it ‘unsafe’ to go out due to coronavirus attack, it is safe and appropriate to access online health services (trustworthy) to get prescription to such medications. 

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