What Every Woman Should Know About HPV?

What Every Woman Should Know About HPV?

There are thousands of women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year across the world. Human Papilloma Virus is a common virus that both women and men are at a risk of. There are as many as hundred types of this virus and can attack the body in numerous ways. While some of the viruses can affect the genital area and can result in warts and minor infections, there are other viruses which can change and develop into cancers. This is an infectious disease and can pass from one body to another during the course of sexual intercourse. 

How Can One get HPV?

HPV is one of those viruses that are most commonly transmitted due to sexual interaction. Even though, in some cases, the infections are healed over time, there are some cases when the conditions aggravate and get develop cancers. Women are at a greater risk of HPV and development of cancer and there are still more than half of the population who knows absolutely nothing about this. Listed below are some essentials points which every woman should know about cervical cancer, HPV and associated factors. 

Detecting HPV: Pap test and HPV Tests 

As we know early detection is helpful in preventing the development of cancer, let us read about the test that helps in detection of HPV i.e. Pap Test. The Pap test comprises of taking a sample of cells from a woman’s cervix which are then examined under the microscope for any possible developments. The test is crucial in detecting whether the cells have any possible development or not.  There are possible chances of infections in the body and it is recommended to order medicines from online pharmacy store in Australia for the treatment of all the major and minor infections that are associated with. 

There is also another type of test that is known as HPV test that is carried out on people who have a comparatively higher infection and are at a higher risk of cervical cancer. The HPV test is usually done on the same sample of cells used in Pap test. If there are any discomfort you are facing, you should buy pain relief pills online as they prove to be helpful in diminishing the accompanying pain. 

Almost every person gets HPV at some point of time and it is not always that it develops into cancer. It is also not going to change your life. HPV stays in the body for a short duration and you will only be bothered only during the follow ups. The most concerning issue associated with HPV is the cervical cancer and it is rare. 

Get a Thorough Medical Examination 

It is possible to prevent Cervical Cancer. The timely detection of abnormal cell development is essential. The HPV infection that prevails to exist in the body for a long time further develops in a cancer. You can buy the prescribed medication from online pharmacy store in Australia. If you are prescribed with medication for your infection, you can order medicine and get rid of the infection. If the problem persists for a long time, consider consulting with the doctor again. 

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